What is Darkened?

What is Darkened? This game is based in the 18th century which allows you to be one of four factions. Only two factions will be available upon release, these two are the Pirates and the Royal Navy. There will be different storylines for each one. The multiplayer will be an open world game, with 4 main islands for each faction and a few outposts as well. Among these four islands there are a few trading outposts. You will start off with a small ship and you will only be able to carry one cargo on this. With ships they have a maximum cargo hold and you can only fit a certain amount. The bigger the ship the more cargo can be held as well as storage and cannons. Each ship will have a maximum level for each cannon to be placed. In doing so you have to trade this cargo to other islands, the further you go the more it is worth. To build a ship costs doubloons. Depending on the size of the ship will affect the cost. Doubloons isn’t the only thing needed for a ship, you need to cut down trees and mine iron to build your ship as well. How is this done you may ask? Well when you start you’re given the following: Iron Dagger, Pickaxe, Axe. The Iron dagger is your PVP weapon, the pickaxe is used to mine iron, the axe is used to cut down trees. Between 1-5 hits you will receive between 1-2 pieces of material.

You can upgrade your ships features such as sails, hull, size of the ship. To upgrade to a better ship you must do a lot of trading to earn money, (crew may have to be payed currency) Cutting down trees and mining will gain you materials towards getting a better ship. To get a better ship you will require more money and have a higher rank. Each campaign will have a different story line making our game more immersive for the player. A lot of people like roleplay, so we are implementing character customisation. In doing so you can look however you please and the best part is people will take this idea to do role play. Each sail can be bought together to create role play. Each Royal Navy Uniform will be available for each rank so you will have your Non-Commissioned Officer’s and Officer’s to do roleplay. Groups of these can show what it was like to be in the Navy in the 18th century. There is much more coming to this game so stay tuned! customised, one of which can be the Royal Navy sails.


New Life Studios based in Leeds UK, is a company founded in December 2019 By Ryan,

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